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Toni Graeme is a great granddaughter of Thomas Mower Martin and shares several of his traits, she too had a large family, seven children, has a passion for gardening, an interest in philosophy, art and music. She has had a small homestead with vegetables, flowers and chickens in the Northwest Territories and is now an enthusiastic balcony gardener in Victoria. Her other passions are Canadian history and art, classical music, jazz and dancing. Having grown up with Thomas Mower Martin’s art in her childhood home, and still enjoying them today, she wants to share this talented pioneer artist’s life story and his art work. She is also interested in his companions and friends, Marmaduke Matthews, F. Bell-Smith, Fred Verner, Lucius O’Brien and others. Toni plans to blog about these master painters from the olden days and welcome art discussions.

Her book about her great grandfather:'The Father of Canadian Art' Thomas Mower 1838-1934 is available

at the

Toni’s first book 'Women Who Lived and Loved North of 60' is available at             It is a collection of 36 women's short stories why they went North and what they did there.

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    This looks wonderful Toni. I'm really looking forward to a deep exploration of this site.

    The visuals are great, navigation easy. I love the fact that we can leave comments.

    Kudos to you and your web designer Petra. With your permission, I would like to feature your site on my site under My Network.

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